BREXIT OR NOT BREXIT [english version]

David Bowie, Is There Life On Mars ?
Is there life on Mars ?

BREXIT OR NOT BREXIT [english version]



That is the question we’re earing from months, maybe years.

For decades, since Maggie Thatcher told “Give me my money back“, we’re earing that british do not want to be part of Europe any more.

How and why should we blame them for that when we can observe that europeean building for peace, security and justice only resulted in a liberal ayatollah ?

To ensure HIS victory, David Cameron decided to rile up british nationalism with a referendum about being in Europe or not. It’s now HIS own responsability, just like Jo Cox murder is.

British use to point out their own insularity in order to justify their feelings about Europe. But if insularity was a real good reason, why did they always flout other’s insularity ? (Ireland certainly understands what I mean).

What had always come first for Britain is business. For centuries, slaves traffic made the realm rich. Now it’s wealthness increase thanks to financial markets. Morality never wan face to business.

PROS and CONS BREXIT in Britain only wonder about the profit in business. If they’re only interested in how much more they could gain, so let them leave !

We do not need such “friends” in Europe, only partners to build an area of peace, security and justice.

Does such an Europe actually exist ? NO.

The Europe we actually know is a liberal one, and we owe it to Maggie Thatcher. Nobody here wants such an Europe, but Commission does.

If british want to leave Europe, they’re welcome. Doing so will create a usefull precedent for others to leave too.

brexit-figaro-sondageToday, in France, a poll is showing that 68% french would like UK to leave Europe because they are bored of Britain’s caprices and bored about Europe too.

British people should know that Europe becoming as UK is one of the worst possible nightmare. You’re not a model for us.

Britain IS european. Geography, history, culture link us together. Just like this tunnel built between Dover and Calais !! In France, everybody speak english.

Leaving Europe won’t change UK’s europeanity in any way. We’re condamned to work and walk together, hand in hand. So let the UK go and show us how courageous it is by leaving the mess Europe has became : a political building in which everybody do what they want to only satisfy financial markets.

The only earable defenders for UK in Europe are economists that want to make us cry with growth loss. Greak, spanish, british, they don’t care : money has nos smell.

Britain should only know that staying in Europe will mean “at the right place”, the place for a state that is not part of the euro zone.

If UK decide to stay in Europe, it should know that many people here will be very disapointed, because we also want to leave Europe and could have learn a lot with UK’s mistakes.

If you really hate us, just stay…

Wake up.



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UK is a capricious dancer singing Clash's song : "should I stay or should I go". Does UK relly want to know european response on their BREXIT ?
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